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It is specialized in the production of blue diamond granite, spray white stone and Lianjiang Zhonghua stone. It can produce all kinds of Engineering boards, such as wool board, light plate, fire surface, water wash face, litchi noodles, wire drawing surface, flake, road stone, 70 ---90 head boards and so on.

Changshan Dongsheng Tai Long Stone Factory, Lianjiang, Guangdong

        Changshan City, Lianjiang Dongsheng Talon stone The factory is a specialized stone company integrating mining, stone processing and product sales. Own large mines, specializing in production: Blue Diamond , Spray white , Lianjiang Zhonghua Such as granite stone, can produce light plate, fire surface, water wash face, litchi noodles, wire drawing surface, thin slice, road edge stone, 70 - 90 big board and other engineering board.  

The company's "people-oriented, quality first" business philosophy, "exquisite quality, quality service" and "rich mine resources" won the recognition of the market. The company uses modern production machinery and equipment, with exquisite technology, excellent equipment, to provide quality product quality and first-class service quality, create excellent value for customers. Welcome friends from home and abroad to visit our site, visit, guide and discuss cooperation.



Case recommendation

The company's "people-oriented, quality first" business philosophy, "exquisite quality, quality service" and rich mineral resources to win the market recognition, the best proof of the successful case is more capable!

A case of municipal A-level road project in Zhejiang

A case of Zhejiang municipal A-level road project -- 6 sides protection with wave, fire and noodles. The use of white stone in Chinese architecture is steady, quiet and elegant. Regardless of the bustling and rolling dust outside the fence, open a door to go home and step on the natural wave flower granite stone steps, so that you can feel the nature in a moment.

Field processing of irregular surface with wave and flame

Field processing of waves and floral surface. Lianjiang Dongsheng Tai Long stone factory uses pipelining operation to produce wave floral slates. The speed is very fast. One minute machine can process 10 30cm*30cm*2.5cm size wave floral slates, and the slate from the production line will be polished by another machine.

Guangzhou Fenghua era construction site Case study of 2020 wave pattern area

Guangzhou Fenghua era construction site In 2020, the sea wave pattern area was constructed from the front courtyard, the gate square, the steps of the front door, the external walls of the building, the indoor floor, the corridor, and the decorating and carving all fabric. Since we have adopted the wave material from beginning to end, after the completion of the clubhouse, the whole clubhouse...

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Display the latest news of the company, convey the latest developments in the industry, and disseminate the latest stone technology guide.

Wave flower stone -- new favorite of stone

The sea waves flower stone has become the latest favorite of many high-end real estate projects, especially the "modern Chinese" project. The texture of the waves is very characteristic. It is not widely used in architectural landscape before, but now it becomes the standard of "modern Chinese" project.

Four ways to care for waves and stones

Grinding and refurbishing the lost ground surf stone material can improve the surface smoothness and gloss of the stone to a certain extent (generally less than 70 of gloss reading), but it can not solve the problem of stone antifouling and skid resistance, and it is very time-consuming and costly.

Dongsheng Tai Long sesame white fire board, how much is it flat?

The price of sesame white fire board is about tens of blocks per square meter, and the price of different application scenarios is different. In terms of application scenarios, pavement surfacing and platform paving. Sesame white granite stone products include sesame white fire board, litchi noodles, wire drawing surface, chop ax stone, road edge stone, light plate, blind road stone and so on.
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